Robin in october 2020, Halloween.

September 2020: Dochter Robin is helemaal ‘gek’ van motor-rijden, normaal gesproken wel tussen Daddy en Mamie in, maar nu ze ‘electric kan rijden’ stapt ze alleen op de motor.

This page is for Robin Jenner.


A few paintings Robin Jenner (5) made. Paiting and color.

I have an idea

At school in july 2020, learning to play keyboard.

Also with Teak won do is Robin the firstone (Left)


Robin, june 2020. In the car, with her tablet.

Robin Jenner, her full name is: Narinthara, Maria Jenner. Narinthara means flower of Buddha, and Maria because she almost born at Christmas, on 23-12- 2014, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where we live. Robin likes to go to school, learn easy, she likes drawing, sing a song and science. At the moment she speakes/understand very good English, and a litle bit Thai en Chinese. Thai is a litle problem a school, Chinese she learn at her Chinese school Premrudie in Chiang Mai and that is a good school, but she can stay only stay there till she is 6 years of age,2021. After that??

Mother is Laongdao Jenner, from Sukhothai, Thailand, Father Berthy Jenner from the Haque, the Neterlands.


december 2017, intake for new Sarasas school in sports uniform