This page is for Robin Jenner.


Robin, june 2020. In the car, with her tablet.

Robin Jenner, her full name is: Narinthara, Maria Jenner. Narinthara means flower of Buddha, and Maria because she almost born at Christmas, on 23-12- 2014, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where we live. Robin likes to go to school, learn easy, she likes drawing, sing a song and science. At the moment she speakes/understand very good English, and a litle bit Thai en Chinese. Thai is a litle problem a school, Chinese she learn at her Chinese school Premrudie in Chiang Mai and that is a good school, but she can stay only stay there till she is 6 years of age,2021. After that??

Mother is Laongdao Jenner, from Sukhothai, Thailand, Father Berthy Jenner from the Haque, the Neterlands.


december 2017, intake for new Sarasas school in sports uniform